Services We Offer


Our chimney sweep service includes everything you expect to be included and no hidden fees. We check the system from top to bottom, we clean it from top or bottom depending on the system, we seal up the opening to prevent any soot from entering your house. We check the spark arrestors, caps, dampers, smoke chambers, fireboxes, brick and mortar chimneys, wood chase structures, flue tiles and pipes, stoves, inserts, pellet or gas or wood burning alike. We inspect, service, clean, repair, install and remove them all.

We use a vacuum to keep the house soot-free and we are all trained in the proper use of all tools, the proper way to walk on roofs, etc., so there is almost no chance of mistakes or problems. When we leave, the smoke shelf, flue, cap, damper and all the parts of the system you can’t see, will be as soot free as a thorough and aggressive sweeping can be, up to 99% soot-free. After we sweep your chimney, we will go over our inspection report with you so you know everything you can about your system good and bad….we tell you everything we can.

We always give you our low quotes on any repairs or maintenance issues, so you can shop the price, since we know our prices are THE LOWEST of any Licensed, Bonded and Insured Chimney Company in any of our territories.


We do Level I, Level II and Level III Chimney Inspections.

Level I Inspections are included with a chimney sweeping and they cover the entire chimney inside and out and we note things as we clean and work. This inspection can also be purchased on its own, without a chimney sweeping, for $59. It is not an in depth inspection, so it would not be sufficient for the sale of the house, which requires a Level II Inspection at least.

A Level II Inspection covers the same chimney and parts of chimney as the Level I Inspection above, but it is in-depth and we spend a lot of time looking for structural issues, functional issues and anything else that could be a lost asset or liability, and any possible functional problems that we can identify. This is a visual inspection only, which means we do not take things apart, other than caps, spark arrestors and such to allow us to see the parts we need. This Level II Inspection is $119.

A Level III Inspection is usually done after a recommendation from the Level II Inspection and a Level III Inspection is an even more in-depth inspection than Level II Inspections. We are usually spending time looking for issues, or trying to figure out the extent of an issue and repair costs or issues involved. A Level III Inspection is charged by the hour, because we usually have to take something apart to see something else, or pull panels to inspect metal walls behind, or pulling off chase tops to inspect for water damage within a chase structure, etc. It allows us to inspect things that are too involved to be covered under the general Level II Inspection. Level III Inspections are usually more specific in nature. We charge $100/hr when we do Level III Inspections.


Our dryer duct service includes a thorough clean-out of the entire dryer duct system, no matter how long it is, from end to end. We will usually disconnect the flexible dryer ducting behind the dryer and clean it and if necessary we can replace them usually for under $20 with a 10 year guarantee. We use actual brush heads on long flexible rods to manually scrub and remove even old, caked up, dried up, hard, embedded lint comes free with our system, unlike many other inferior brush-less systems. We created our own system that cleans systems from the outside of the house, catching almost all of the lint that we remove and with absolutely no lint getting inside the house. We clean off the exhaust housing and service the flaps and vent doors. Lastly, we remove our sheets and tarps and leave you with a clean house and a clean dryer duct system.


We install all types of fireplaces systems: gas, pellet and wood-burning.


Up and running in an hour. Installed for $159. Call us for gas log set recommendation and details… we’ll show you where to purchase it!


We are excellent troubleshooters with over 30 years combined experience. We can troubleshoot smoke issues, down drafting or poor drafting…..we solve smells from fireplace in house, even when not in use.


We install everything from dampers, caps, firebrick, gas log sets.


We offer gutter cleaning services, and to meet everyone’s budget, we can bag the leaves or blow them, your choice. We usually have a team working together so a typical house takes less than an hour.


We install locally purchased solar attic fans. Solar attic fans do not require wiring, they may fit in an existing vent hole or we can do a full installation. They can save hundreds on energy costs, they can reduce the temperature of an attic by 20 degrees or more on a hot day. There are no switches to turn on or off, they work automatically, turning on and off when needed. We can install these on most roofs.


Landscape, property clean-up, hauling, dump runs, junk removal, etc.