Dryer Duct Cleaning

Our dryer duct service includes a thorough clean-out of the entire dryer duct system, no matter how long it is, from end to end. We will usually disconnect the flexible dryer ducting behind the dryer and clean it and if necessary we can replace them usually for under $20 with a 10 year guarantee. We use actual brush heads on long flexible rods to manually scrub and remove even old, caked up, dried up, hard, embedded lint comes free with our system, unlike many other inferior brush-less systems. We created our own system that cleans systems from the outside of the house, catching almost all of the lint that we remove and with absolutely no lint getting inside the house. We clean off the exhaust housing and service the flaps and vent doors. Lastly, we remove our sheets and tarps and leave you with a clean house and a clean dryer duct system.