Chimney Sweep FAQ

Chimney Sweep FAQ

Are stoves, inserts, pellet systems or gas systems extra?

No. Our prices for chimney sweeping are the same no matter what sort of chimney flue you have.

My house is a 2 story house. Is that extra?

No. Our prices for chimney sweeping are the same no matter what type of house you have. There is no extra charge for a second story.

How often do we need to check and clean our chimney?

NFPA 211 says every wood burning system must be inspected once a year and cleaned “when necessary.” This is why our Free Soot Inspection is so great. If you don’t need a sweep, the trip is free!! No obligation.

How long does a sweep take?

Less than an hour in most cases.

Why do a dryer duct cleaning?

  1. Reduce Dryer Load Times
  2. Reduce chance of home fire due to lint clogs that overheat the dryer
  3. Increase life of dryer by decreasing back pressure which reduces chance of motor failure or fire
  4. Safety, reduced chance of fires
  5. SAVE $$$ ON PG&E bills. When your load take less time, your PG&E bill is lower. That’s a fact!

What does “No Hidden Fees” mean?

We include all costs in our basic services. It also means that all of our quotes and prices include everything we can predict and that if there is ever a reason for a higher price we will always tell you up front so you have the chance to change your mind about doing anything

What does “Free Soot Inspection” mean?

If you don’t need a sweep, then you don’t pay for the trip at all and there is no obligation. Even if you need a sweep but choose not to hire us for our service there is still no charge for the trip. We will even tell you if we see any problems and we will tell you about your system, all for free!

What kind of wood should I burn?

Burn only SEASONED wood which is oak, madrone, nuts, fruits, hardwoods and even eucalyptus. Remember, a cord of wood is a “tightly stacked” pile that is 4ftx4ftx8ft. Avoid wood and non-wood products that contain fuels such as paraffin, waxes, petroleum products, ets. We urge you to burn only wood.

What is Seasoned Firewood?

Seasoned wood means all of the moisture from all of the cells, even down to the pith, or very middle of the wood, is evaporated. So, when all of the cytoplasm in each cell is dried up, the wood is seasoned. DRY WOOD does not necessarily mean seasoned, so when you see Dry Wood for sale, make sure they are willing to put down in writing that it is seasoned.

Can I change my appointment?

Yes, you can change or cancel your appointment, and there is never a charge. So let us accommodate you.